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An international criminal has escaped capture and now he is hiding out in Canada.  Tracking his movements will not be easy but by becoming elite detectives you can track his movements and bring him to justice.

The Miracle of Channukah

The Festival of Lights has arrived once more but this time the celebration is being threatened by an alien race, the Greekonians.

Can you assure that the festival of lights continues?

Escaping the digestive system

Gulliver has come to Lilliput and has swallowed one of the citizen.  The only way to escape is to make your way through his digestive system.

Only with knowledge of the digestive system and use of secret powers can this escape be successful? can you do it?

First European explorers

Our hero has received a final assignment that involves Math, Science and a STEM build but everything is just given out as cryptic clues and puzzles, how can this all work together?  How can he complete this taks?

You have 60 minutes to put your skills to the test, and help our hero complete this assignment. Good luck.

let there be light

It is a race against time.  A ship trapped in the ocean with no power.  On board, the passengers end crew are cold and scared.  The only way to help search teams find them is to ring a bell on ship that can only be unlocked by turning on the lights.  Can you help the rescue them?

Lost in the greek labyrinth

Trapped in a labyrinth, Minatour on your tail, and he is hungry!

No where to go but to solve the puzzles and follow the clues in order to escape.  Can you do it before your time is up?

CRee code talkers

During WW2 Indigenous Canadian Cree became crucial to the Allied war effort in defeating the Nazis.  Step into the shoes of the Cree and save the allied war effort.

learn all about this top-secret unit of Native Canadians that became so important to the allies that they were used by the Canadian, American, and British forces.

Art night at the Museum

An important art night of abstract geometric expression is about to open but a flood has caused most of the art work to be destroyed.

Can you help complete the mission and save the event?


A secret military glider project, a traitor in your midst and a kidnapped scientist that only left clues and puzzles.

Can you decypher all the puzzles, recreate the glider and save the project?

lost in history

Bill and Ted left us our their time machine, and now we are stuck in history.

There is a specific path through time that we need to take to get home, can you help us complete this mission and get us home?