Educational Benefits

Our Materials and Tools

No need to spend thousands of dollars on materials.

We use simple materials that can be found laying around the house, at the dollar store or any big box store.

By doing this, we show kids that if they learn and apply math and science they can build amazing things without having to break the bank.

Develop Creativity and Imagination


At our workshop kids:

-Build a machine that works

-Understand and apply concepts

We help them build the skeleton and teach the basics.


We spark their imagination to whats possible but the end result is up to them.

When they leave they can continue exploring and investigating using the same simple tools.

Fine Motor Skills


We use raw materials like paper, straws, craft sticks, wire, bamboo rods, dowels, tape, cardboard, rope, elastics etc...

Kids have to manipulate these items to build their machines.

Higher Order Thinkers

Going beyond the textbooks

There are 6 levels of thinking according to Bloom's Taxonomy.  Lower order thinking includes memorizing, understanding , and applying, the stuff kids do most everyday.

Higher order thinking includes analyzing, evaluating and creating.

Our workshops take concepts out of the textbooks.  Students create machines, evaluate when things do not work, and analyze their results.

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