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100% hands-on STEM projects


Pick a project - If you are not sure contact us and we can consult together to find the best fit. 

Not all projects are listed as we design new projects all the time.

Projects are suitable for kids ages 4+.

To learn more about the educational value, methodology and workshop design click here.

Workshops last between 45-120 minutes depending on the project and students age and fine motor skill level.

Once we settle on a date, we send a instructor, all the materials  and together we can have some fun!


Flight, Aerodynamics, PSI, Balance Distance measurements, Thrust and Trajectory.


Learn all about gravity, lift, drag and thrust as well as Bernoulli principle.

Spinning Tops

Angular Momentum and Newtons Second law of motion

Climber Racers

Friction, angles of force, gravity and tension.

Table Top Basketball

3rd class levers, triangular prisms, structural stability.


Simple circuits, conductive materials, insulators, short, open and closed circuits.

Marble Rollercoasters

Conversion of gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy using angle of decent, calculating velocity.

Table Top Soccer

Elasticity, force, tracks and fulcrums.

Airplane Launcher

Elasticity, force, tracks and lift, thrust and drag.


Elasticity, force, tracks and ancient civilizations.

Forkie - the LED statue

Parallel circuits, meaurements and scale.


Wheels and axles, circumference, revolutions and velocity.


Second class levers, transfer of force in perpendicular angles using cams and shafts.

Human Organ Systems

Respiratory, circulatory, excretory, nervous and digestive systems.


Learn all about gravity, friction and transfer of force through tension.

Sun Rise Sun Set and the Seasons

Rotation of earth and the sun, simple circuits and axles.

Time Zones and Geography

Canada landmarks, canada time zones and properties of light and colour.

Marble Maze

Critical Thinking, imagination, gravity, angles of descent.


Properties of light, 3D prisms, Reflection and refraction.


Parallel circuits, conductivity and insulation, troubleshooting short circuits.


Simple circuits, conductive materials, insulators, short, open and closed circuits, translucency.

Concentration Maze

Bases, triangular uprights, simple circuits.

Table Top Football

3rd class levers, triangular prisms, structural stability.

Mangonel Catapult

3rd class levers, triangular structures, fulcrums, force, elasticity and ancient civilizations.


Magnetic, ferromagnetic, framing, structural stability.

Trundle Wheel and Clinometer

Circumference of a circle, wheels and axles, handles, angles, introduction to trig.

Let the air rise

Wheels and axles, friction, hot air rising to create a moving fan.

My Earth Day Tree

Using pulley's to create a retractable tree.

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