This is a sample of an Escape Room that was custom designed for a Hebrew School as part of a Rosh Ha'shana (Jewish New Year) unit.

In this section presented the topics covered include:
i) Jewish Customs and Traditions
ii) Geography and mapping skills
iii) Decoding
iv) Problems Solving


Students receive an envelope with the number 1 on it.

Open it to begin

Puzzle 1

Once open, students have a puzzle they have to assemble.

In order to do it successfully they have to use their knowledge of Jewish new years customs.


Find the clue

Once assembled the students receive the next clue as part of the puzzle.

In this case one of the cards tells them that they have to flip the cards over.

Puzzle 2

On the back side students find newspaper articles.

In the articles there are several things they need to do.




Students receive an envelope with the number 1 on it.

Open it to begin



Each article will provide the students with map coordinates, longitude and latitude.  They will need to map them and record the name of the city.

The number on the top left corner is important as the name of the city has falls in a particular order.

Solve part 2

Students must place the names of the cities in the correct order as indicated by the newspaper article.


Solve part 3

The students find that one of the clues in the newspaper articles provides with a secret code.



Another article will tell the students that the first letter of each city is needed to crack the code.

NExt clue

Students will map out the cities and write their names in the correct spots.

Using only the first letters of each city


Using the order 121 3456

(both clues provided earlier)

They will spell out POP BLUE

Around the room there are balloons of different colours.  Students will have to pop a blue balloon to find the next clue.  The next clue is inside the balloon.


The escape room continues from here until the students achieve the final goal of the room and "escape".

As this escape room develops students will apply more math, science, and complete a STEM build

Escape rooms include unique puzzles, and specific curriculum content.