Bloom's Taxonomy

Although we apply many educational principals while designing our projects and lesson plans, including Zone of Proximal Development and Multiple Intelligence, we always relate back to Bloom's Taxonomy.  Our projects will always begin with remembering and understanding and gradually help you reach higher level thinking with your students culminating in creating and evaluation. 


With all of our projects we try to show kids that math and science are real, relatable and fun.  We take concepts that the kids are familiar with and with those we use those to build a springboard to develop their motor skills, their knowledge of curriculum and their grasp of the word around them.  Together we can advance the students learning from b.

Cross curricular

Cross-Curricular projects that motivate students to draw on a wide set of skills that make the material authentic and real. Fosters application and enhances the overall classroom experience while reinforcing curriculum concepts. Students will learn to incorporate knowledge from Math, Science, Social Studies, Language, art and more to produce a final projects that will inspire and impress.

Inspire and motivate

S.T.E.M does not have to break the bank and you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on materials to experience it.  Our projects are designed to use common household items that are affordable and accessible, most can be found at the dollar store.  Most importantly, you can show students that if you understand Math and Science you can build amazing things with simple materials, when they leave the classroom they can keep building on their own, and that's pretty awesome.

Project based learning

100% hands-on projects that are fun, engaging, teach and reinforce textbook material.   PBL approach that combines elements from across the curriculum including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language.  Students will make cross-curricular connections providing deeper meaning to material taught and preparing them further for the real world.

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